Forged by the road and the natural world Heather Stevens' art conveys a tender representation of humanity's connection to the earth and its fellow creatures. Her work integrates fantastical and realistic themes to further expound upon the idea human beings are both animal, wild and mystical in essence; both compelled by their imagination, the thirst for knowledge and the overwhelming need to create. Heather's work subtly embraces the importance of the journey not only by the choice of mediums but the intentional display of the process within some of her work. Eternally a seeker, Heather feels driven by ancient voices and a wildness that radiates within her total being. She describes herself as a wandering soul rooted by love. Heather lived a nomadic lifestyle for many years seeking adventures, knowledge and life experience. The birth of Heather's son created a new thread in Heather's tapestry creating a richness and depth in her soul she had never known before. Her work has been born out of a profound understanding that everything in one's life is connected to everything else, often in messy and tangled ways. All of these tangled threads creating a life that is rich in depth and complexities, all at once, lovely, difficult, painful, chaotic and ultimately beautiful.